Terrorists to Cowards

Chrome extension to swap "terrorist" to "coward" on webpages

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Peace for France
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Obviously has been a very difficult day. The world responds in so many ways. There's very little we felt we could do to help, but out of frustration, realized that changing the language we're using to discuss the people who commit these heinous acts was somewhere we could make an impact. So we built this. In approximately an hour. Works most of the time. Somehow makes me feel slightly better when reading about the horrendous tragedy of today.
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@mackflavelle the idea came from the millennial --> snake people thing I found here on Product Hunt.
Thanks to whoever added the black/white coward image. Looks way better on the PH home page.
@mackflavelle I gotchu, Mack. ๐Ÿ‘Š
It's on github so if anybody wants to submit a pull request with other languages we can get them in there: https://github.com/psiemens/terr...
This is brilliant, Mack. Fantastic idea. Thanks