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I've tried the Vektron, it's the best folding ebike available. Good luck with the Kickstarter @galencro!
This folds in ten seconds.... but apparently the Gi FlyBike folds in 1 SECOND!! What makes this better than other electric bikes in the market right now?
@bentossell Hey Ben! It's easy to design a bike that folds fast, but it's a lot harder to design a folding bike that rides well. We developed the Vekton in collaboration with Bosch, one of the world's key suppliers to brands like Mercedes and Audi. The Bosch system gives riders a range of 100+ kilometers on a single charge. It's the gold standard in Europe, and our project is the first to bring the system to the US on a folding bike. We're also proud of our riding geometry. We model our rider position on long-haul touring bikes, designed for all day riding. Our team has 20+ years in the bike industry, and it shows in the comfort of the ride. The most interesting facts are counterintuitive. When a rider approaches a super-compact folding bike, their prejudgement is that it will ride poorly. Bosch confounds this expectation. With Bosch assistance, a portable 20" electric bike has the same 20 mph speed limit as a full sized electric road bike. Together, what you get is: 1) an ultra-portable bike that you can take on any bus or subway 2) a bike with the same comfortable riding position as a full size bike 3) reliable service from the best electric drivetrain manufacturer in the industry 4) no performance penalty, thanks to the electric motor The final package is counterintuitively amazing. We just showed a late-stage prototype at Eurobike, the world's largest bike show. Here's a quick reaction video that gives a sense of the surprise and satisfaction riders get when they hop on:
There are a couple of other differentiating features in the design. I'm more than happy to get in to them! Thanks again! We <3 Product Hunt.
Upvoted because I always love a bicycle that runs on electricity.
The bike is really cool. Robert Scoble shared the video on his Facebook. But the price tag is too high. 3000$. :O