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Hey everyone. This is Gokul (@gokulns) here, the founder of Tenreads. I'd be happy to take any questions and/or address any issues you might have with respect to the product! You may also email me at gokul@tenreads.io. :)
@gokulns No US football category under sports?! Blasphemy! ;)
@stttories We are working pretty hard to improve the categories. I would appreciate any inputs on that end! :)
Oh, and Product Hunt is the first place we are opening up signups without a wait list. The feedback over email/Twitter/comments has been pretty wonderful. Thanks a lot guys. Keep spreading the awesomeness around. :)
Have been using Tenreads for quite sometime now, and it gives me just the right stories I need everyday. Way to go Tenreads team.
I love the concept of a finite amount of information. Interested to see what the algorithm turns up.
@mgelgota the algorithms, while nascent, work pretty well. We are trying to improve the places where we scout for content. Awesome Content is very high on our Priority List. :)