Finally a place for classical music online!

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Tempso is a classical music discovery platform built for the expert and novice alike. Our mission is to make classical music as easy to enjoy as any other type of music. Browse endless interpretations of the world's most renowned composers and compare recordings with just a click. Follow friends, repost and share recordings and browse our thematic collections to find a constantly updated stream of music. Enjoy!
Great concept!
Awesome website, can't wait for the mobile version!
It seems it uses Spotify Algorithms!
@juandc Hi Juan, We do not use Spotify Algorithms, but the Spotify embed players directly on our website. So, in a way, we are the Spotify and Deezer App for classical music, instead of being another streaming service per se. We believe that Spotify has done an amazing job at giving access to music to everyone, everywhere. Our focus is more on the user experience: we created an experience for classical music, which respects and promotes this music.