A collection of note templates for teams to work more efficiently: from writing up processes, keeping track of meetings to preparing their next Product Hunt launch.

You can clone them directly into your Slite organization or just get inspired by them!

Happy teamwork πŸ€—

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Hi Product Hunters, Chris, founder of Slite here! πŸ‘‹ A few months back, we launched Slite, the first note app for teams (thanks to you all for the awesome feedback!). We quickly realized that the possibilities of note taking and sharing for teams are endless. So, today we're launching our collection of templates and resources for teams of all types to use or get inspired by 😊 Look through them, you can clone them directly into your Slite organization and most of all, we'd love your feedback! Which templates have we totally forgotten? How does your team collaborate on content? Enjoy and thanks again 😊 Chris ps (& this is a BIG ps): if you have best practices you want to share with the community, we really want to hear about them! Send them over at chris@slite.com or just share them in the comments!
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@slite @christophepas great idea. Also depends on who you are targeting. Your value proposition is great, especially with the templates. I could see the templates with more details. Good luck
Thanks! The templates clearly will be enriched, what we'd love is to get enough best practices from the best teams around the world to showcase the best practices around in real conditions. Have a great day!
Love Slite! I've already spread it to my MailOnline team :) Templates help with ideas and also to better organize things.
@thiagoafram Thanks Thiago, your feedback has been super valuable in improving Slite :)
Huge addition to the product! Well done and congrats from your friends at Intercom
Great update to a great app β€” definitely helps with explaining use cases to new users!

This may be the first step towards some kind of snipets autocompletion πŸ˜„


helps you go faster from idea πŸ’‘ to done βœ” .