A virtual theater with voice chat

Telly is a virtual theater that works by putting in front of any URL. Share that URL and watch or browse the internet together.
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Hey everyone! We've been beta testing this a bunch the last few weeks and would love to share it and get your thoughts. You can sign up with the invite code: ph. I'm also here for any questions or comments!
@billychasen can I install it from homebrew?
@shellehs no, but I'll look into adding it there!
For those who miss the people talking behind you during a movie.
I'm into this. :) I know you've been beta testing this so it's early but curious what use cases are emerging so far, @billychasen?
@billychasen @rrhoover Ones I've personally used it for are the classic (watching YT, Netflix, etc) together (typically small groups) I see potential for this to touch 'private screenings' of products/videos and demo days as well. I think the default on push-to-talk is really valuable.
@rrhoover yes thanks! multiple people mentioned wanting to watch sports together and also use it for old school DJ parties :D There's some dance moves in the app to help support the latter! Browsing youtube with friends is the most obvious one.
Turntable, Chill, and FlickMob were pioneers, ahead of its time! The VR room approach is an interesting angle, curious to see if it can eat some of FB Watch Party’s lunch.
Amazing idea! Are you planning to add support for other operating systems too?
@fillerink I'd love to, but it depends on traction. I need to first make sure people are using it before taking the time to get onto Android and Windows