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#5 Product of the DayOctober 30, 2019
Tellus is a comprehensive real estate management platform for investors, homeowners, landlords, renter, property managers, agents, and service professionals.
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Hi! My name is Blake and I helped build this real estate platform. When I first became interested in real estate, I was surprised how fragmented this industry is. Real estate professionals have to cobble together their own collection of apps and software instead of keeping everything in one place. Tellus started with rental management in mind, combining finances, paying rent, communication, maintenance, and leases all in one place. This new version of Tellus has some exciting improvements: our expansion to investments and home loans. Real estate has typically been an illiquid asset class, but our goal is to make it easier for anyone owning property to access their money. We’re also helping investors diversify their portfolio by offering opportunities to invest in mortgage fractions. Investors earn money each day, and there’s ultimate flexibility to sell the stake at any time. I’m excited to see how these two new angles open up new doors for real estate professionals as we continue to build out our platform. Some other changes include a new and improved Android app and some major improvements to our rental management product based on your feedback. Both myself and the entire Tellus team are committed to making the user experience the best it can be. We would love to hear what you think!
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@blakemanzo Congrats on the launch! The investing side looks pretty unique. Excited to see how this will affect the industry.
@blakemanzo super excited to get started trying out the new investment piece. Congratulations on the progress you guys have made!
@blakemanzo Congrats. The design of this application is beautiful. I see a fantastic dedication to providing the user with a plug and play experience in an industry that needs more efficiency and effort. TellusApp delivers a blueprint for how the Real Estate industry should care about constantly revamping processes to allow agility to scale with the constant change in technology. The design and details put into making this app user-friendly and not overburdening with instruction are appreciated, especially for such a complicated industry of Real estate. As a renter, thank you for making this stress free and effortless to conduct business.
@blakemanzo congratulations on the improvements. Outstanding achievement not seen before in this market 👏👏👏
It’s been a blast! 💪
Excited to have another entrant in this space. I use Cozy, but Cozy won't allow a single account to be both a landlord and renter (a la, say, AirBnb). I know this is an unusual case, but I have to manage two separate Cozy logins. For whatever reason, I never put in our lease dates into Cozy (maybe that's not easy to do?), and so Cozy let the lease get close to lapsing without reminding us. One tenant pays me using Zelle, and I wish I could have insight into my payments in one place.
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@benjamin_wheeler I completely understand this conundrum. I shared this app with my landlord who I rent their private home. His mouth dropped when I showed him what the TellusApp can do. Tenant screening, receive payments, chatting with tenants, and processing a service order requests all in the same app without needing to use his personal number to contact multiple tenants. Organized, efficient, intuitive, and FREE--this is a no brainer. Indeed a one stop shop platform for managing properties for landlords and keeping renters honest and worry free over rent paying.
@benjamin_wheeler We started Tellus to solve these very problems! Simple reminders that your lease is expiring or how to digitally accept rent... you would think these things would be easier! So many people we know, before Tellus, had to resort to little tricks like setting rent amounts with _pennies_ so they can easily tell who paid them rent when they go through their bank records (e.g. unit 1 pays $1,000.01, unit 2 pays $1,500.02). We aim to solve all these problems and more! :)
@benjamin_wheeler Like you, I'm both a landlord and a renter and so when Cozy wouldn't allow my existing profile to access the landlord side it was an easy decision to look into Tellus. They now handle my tenant correspondence and overall lease management. Tellus DOES EVERYTHING, the app even reminded me that November rent is due soon and will be on the way. Cozy not so cozy; Tellus just gets better and better.
@oviatt_properties - that was one of the reasons I switched to Avail from Cozy. Need both logins.
@natesmoyer I enjoyed using Avail but it was just too expensive. I paid a base price of $50 a month, and that didn’t even include extras like tenant screening ($55 per report!). While it was a step up from Cozy, Avail wasn’t compelling enough for me to justify the cost. I started looking for other options and found Tellus. Guys, it’s totally free. I literally save hundreds of dollars each year. And you’ve got to try their listing feature. I thought I had applicants before. Now I can barely keep up with the number of leads pouring in…easily 3x as many as before!
Totally agree with you Blake. I've loved building out the Tellus platform right from the start, the whole team is committed to creating a great and hassle free experience and it's been a pleasure working with everyone.
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@jarmourato it sure has 🚀
Wow, awesome product. That's game-changing 😱
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@danilobecke I need to work "game changing" into the tagline 😀
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@brett_hubbard 🙌🙌🙌