An all in one rental management app

Tellus is the all-in-one rental management solution for landlords, property managers, and tenants.

Featuring online rent payment, tenant screening, rental listing, expense tracking, repairs, chat, and digital leases.

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It's great to finally be able to pay rent without writing checks or dealing with some clunky web app.


Easy rent payment and chat right from my phone!


Nothing so far

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Downloaded the app and played around with it a little, it’s packed with lots of useful features that handle common interactions between tenants and landlords. I can see myself using this to manage property if I ever get into that. Way better than how things are currently tracked and done.


Slick interface, well designed and thought out features for tenants and landlords


none so far

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Hi! My name is Blake and I helped build this property management platform. When I first set out on this journey, I was surprised at the offerings available to landlords. There are some great products for the highest end property managers with hundreds of homes to manage, but they’re also thousands of dollars to use. Yet at the same time, 65% of the rental industry is owned by individual home owners (with the remaining 35% owned by companies, LLCs, and REITs). That means a large portion of this industry is stuck with sub-optimal software, or have to pay a lot of money to get the right solution. I set out to bring together the best-in-class innovations from the apps we’ve all grown to love (in fintech, messaging, platforms, file sharing, etc) into a single package that’s custom designed for the everyday landlord. This elevates the entire rental experience for everyone involved! Tenants on Tellus have come back to praise us for the simplest rent payment service around, and a chat messaging system that reduces miscommunication dramatically. Property managers tell us how simple it is to be managing a maintenance ticket for a home across town while standing in line getting their morning coffee. And most of all, landlords feel a weight lifted off their shoulders because we strive to be more than just a tool for rent collection, listings or tenant screening, but rather a partner along the way in this rental management journey. We’re dedicated to constantly improving and creating the best experience for our users, and would love to hear your feedback!
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This is a great mobile tool for landlord or property manager to collect rent, manage property, and keep all tenant data in one place. Tenants can submit work request and chat with landlord directly. As a finance person, I can finally give up Excel tracking for this better tool and its automated reports.


Free tool, easy to use, no more rent tracking in Excel


Mobile only

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@robinchen7 Yeah I would like a webapp version too. Do you take payments via the app? I'm slightly concerned about that for some reason haha.
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One of the biggest headaches for landlords is tenant turnover. It's great to see a listing service that can also handle tenant applications and screenings.
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@alexmar64279192 Love it. I hated having to bounce back and forth between a bunch of listing services, my tenant applications, and my screening service. It was a lot to juggle, and that was with just one property! Looking forward to trying this feature out.