An opensource alternative to TypeForm

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not sure how to feel about this. I pretty love TypeForm as it is
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@_jacksmith If you love it, set it free ;)
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Thanks for hunting this! While right now tellform is more of a clone as I move forward with it I'm looking to move away from Typeform and more to a more conversational UI
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@davidbaldwynn looking forward to seeing how you'll make it your own! 👊
Hi product hunt! I'm David, who is the creator and maintainer of Tellform. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ping me on twitter or here.
@davidbaldwynn Hi, are you still at it? I see the current website for Tellform, and I see the list of "Sponsored by" as well. There was no blog, so I saw the github repo, and I see recent commits and pull requests being merged. Do you have any brief to share how this has gone in the past year?
I like that it's an "opensource alternative", shame it's so heavily inspired by TypeForm.
@matt_aunger Why is that a 'shame'?
@joantune makes it feel like a clone, and makes it hard to see what's new and unique about it, beyond being "opensource".
@matt_aunger It's opensource, not even 'opensource' it has an MIT license. I guess you could say the same between Microsoft SQL server and MySQL or Postgres (although there are plenty of differences) [or Oracle's solutions] and I wonder from which did this community of makers benefited more..
@joantune Apologies if I've offended. I've used quotes for opensource because I'm quoting, not setting out to belittle, or challenge whether it is or isn't. I'm not out to take anything away from the creators of the product. Sure, you could say the same about a ton of things. I'm saying it about this. It would have been nice to see an original approach to the aesthetic design.
@matt_aunger The cool thing about opensource is that now you can do just that, way more easily :)
I don't understand why people are offended when companies like Code4Startup actually monetizes cloning other startups.