Tell the Turtle

Tell strangers stories

I love how Product Hunt lets me discover all these interesting social experiments.
I just told a story! The turtle said "I'll be back in 18 hours." Waiting for my story patiently :)
@gozdeaksay nice! Please share the story you receive here. I'm curious. :)
@rrhoover You asked for it :) "I once fell head over heels for a guy. When i told him how i felt he didnt feel the same. Not even a year later i find out he likes my best friend. It kills me inside but i do everything i can to hide my tears. She thinks that i dont care and that i will never have feelings for him again. Truth is i never stopped having feelings for him and probably never will."
@gozdeaksay wow, that's pretty intense. Thanks for sharing. :)
Love it. Humans share stories with strangers that they'd never share with people they know.
Thanks @terencepua! We initially created Tell the turtle to be an avenue for us to improve our writing. We're happy to see people using it as an outlet to share their thoughts and feelings.
A friend (and colleague) @themarksteve built this as an experiment. Perhaps he can share more :)