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Congratulations on another great Teleport product! It's been fascinating to follow your progress. I was wondering when you get around to this concept. This also helps founders figure out fair salaries based on location. Thanks.
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@markorussiver thanks, Marko!
Since launching our core product, Teleport Cities ( last year we have been iterating on highly personalized discovery to help you move to your best place around the world. We are up to some 180 dimensions of income, cost and quality of data on 150 cities, and expanding in both directions and updating some data every day. Over 100k users have already created their full personal profiles when searching, an amazing start. Still, then and now we run into people who just want to check some salary offer ballpark quickly, or compare London and NYC, without going through the full onboarding to map out all of their various needs and preferences. Or sometimes an HR person wants to look at the data on someone else’s behalf, so their personal profile is irrelevant. So, we decided to pull some headline data, and surface them via this new easy to use tool: Welcome to Teleport Eightball – your global salary calculator: Eightball allows you to benchmark your current salary to similar market brackets in other cities in the world and also compare high level living costs to give you a more complete picture on how your finances would look like if you moved. World is full of inefficiencies, and somethimes a super high Silicon Valley salary produces much less lavish disposable income, than another city with OK absolute salary numbers, but notably lower costs. We're quite excited about making our life location data sets a little bit more accessible this way. Do you find it useful? What could we do even better regarding data or UX? Thanks! Sten & team @TeleportInc PS: fun trivia fact: the runner up product name we considered: Teleport Bacon.
@seikatsu @teleportinc I like how simple it is; I was immediately drawn to try it out. It made sense. However, here are the two things I noticed. 1. Your tagline is "MOVE TO YOUR BEST PLACE TO LIVE AND WORK" but average LIVING prices aren't displayed. This may be outside your scope, but something I thought of when I compared my city against others. I saw move tickets, but not the most important part of my decision. Gyms and movie tickets? Eh. Energy costs, gas, grocery prices, home costs? Yeah, definitely. I'm thinking monthly recurring bills when I consider moving. 2. I compared Denver to Seattle and San Fran and the cost was basically the same. Seattle, sure, that's probably true. San Fran? Cost of living difference of 0% from Denver to San Fran? I then compared it to Boulder. The calculator said I'd make 37% less and that cost of living wouldn't change. Maybe the data pool is small and that's why, but anecdotally, the data doesn't seem to match other sources. Maybe, on the other hand the data is correct, but I can't judge the data because I have no indication on the site of where it came from, so all I can say internally is, "Hmm, that... doesn't seem right-" Overall I like it, it's simple for me to do QUICK calculations (which is great) and the numbers I care about are fast to read. I'd use this in the future if the data "made sense", whatever that means. Anyway, one person's experience. What I'm trying to say is that I have to trust the data and the numbers and some seemed odd. Otherwise, the site was fast, intuitive, responsive, and I liked that it updated as I typed so I could project hypothetical salary scenarios.
@hellosmoore thanks so much for taking the time to write down your thoughts, Shannon! A high level thought: for relative city-to-city comparison, the exact composition of your personal shopping basket / recurring spend doesn't matter that much, actually, for quick comparisons. There are some things quite safe to assume (rent, food, some transport, etc) in the statistical basket, and even if the exact shares in your particular case differ, the relative difference of statistical composite basket in NYC vs SF wouldn't change that much. e.g if it was +30% in A->B example, then changing individual components by large amount (-50% less entertainment, +40% more groceries) might drive the composite only to +28% or +32% overall end result. We don't know anyway in this format (without importing 2 years of bank card history or something) if the user prefers $9 or $90 bottle of wine, so somewhere is a "precise enough" point. and some prices tend to be correlated, like higher electricity price probably means higher service prices (because gyms and hairdressers keep their lights on too). Basically, the more data points we include in our sample baskets, the more the relative comparisons stabilize statistically even without knowing individual users' actual purchases. Also, for many more location preferences (not just more granular cost settings, like the apartment size), please do try our Teleport Cities tool, too - that's the more personalized search experience for which Eightball is more of a quick'n'dirty salary+cost preview, really All that said, let us look into the particular SF vs Denver costs case, that doesn't sound right indeed. Thanks again!
@hellosmoore Hi Shannon, You are right on the spot on the comparison bit. We (by which I mean "I") were using country average data instead of specific city data. This is fixed, so please check again. Thanks for the feedback.
@slippingaway Cost of living up 77%! Makes more sense now :D Wait... D:
Mmm, bittersweet revelations :) Looking good!
Awesome one, @seikatsu! Curious if you are planning to enable slightly different view on top as well: entering role and different cities to compare living and salary levels based on the averages for example? :)
@kailikleemeier indeed, splicing the data that way ("this is what I do, where should I be?") has crossed our mind too. your unaided ask for the same helps to bump up the priority for sure! :) also, the usecase of describing all your needs and seeing all the best places in the world as search results is the core experience of our Teleport Cities product. so whoever misses it in Eightball flow today, is welcome to sign up for the full schabang:
@seikatsu Super, will be looking forward to it and keep up the awesome job! 🙌