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What is the difference with Firebase?
@tyckr We've outlined differences between Telepat and other platforms (Firebase included) here: Happy to answer any questions!
@gabi_dobocan the thing you didn't mention is that Firebase starter is for free
The Telepat guys have rewritten their platform so that now anyone can have it as a managed cloud instance
@_jacksmith Thanks for hunting us! We're really excited to release the hosted cloud version of - it's something that's been long awaited. We'll be around all night & day to answer all questions and feedback so fire away :)
Where was this 2 weeks ago when I began to slowly migrate away from Firebase back to my own custom api? :( "Telepat is beta software. Although specific versions of Telepat are stable and running production applications right now, we are still in the stage of making design and interface decisions based on trials and feedback" When do you expect to be out of beta? I won't run production code on a beta backend, no matter how nice it would be to self host a Firebase clone.
@mario_a_giambanco We expect to be production ready rather soon. We're currently focusing all efforts on stability, test-coverage, documentation and making sure everything is bullet-proof (rather than functionality). That said, every piece of feedback we get from the community gets us closer to this milestone, so if you do test Telepat out let us know what you think. With Telepat Cloud, it's really easy to get started, you can sign-up for a dedicated instance in seconds (right now it's actually free for a limited amount of tme).
Looks cool will check it out. What sort of infrastructure would I need in place to have an app with about 10k concurrent users run smoothly?
@morleyadam It depends heavily on what the app actually does. You might get away with something like 2 m3.large machines on EC2, you might need more. One thing that you need to keep in mind though is that if you're using transports you'll need much more infrastructure than with APN/GCM. If you like, hit us up on gitter ( and we can discuss more