Authenticate users via Telegram Messenger

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Very interesting to see a proof of concept for authenticating using Telegram. When you consider how popular Facebook, Twitter and Google authentication became over time and how sophisticated the products/services are compared to something slim like a messenger. Fascinating how just a few years ago I was quite convinced that something like OpenID will become widely adopted and today looks more like supporting a specific set of authentication providers depending on your audience.
Thanks for sharing it @__tosh! It'd be interesting to see how popular the Telegram authentication will become in a few years.
Is this an open source project or are there any monetization plans?
@peterbuch TelegramLogin is open source and there are no intentions to monetize it. You can fork this project on github and host it by yourself (even with your own Telegram bot), alternatively you can use the hosted version of TelegramLogin free of charge. TelegramLogin is a proof of concept. We think messengers are emerging social platforms and the future of the web, therefore we wanted to bring 3rd party authentication (such as Facebook Login, Twitter OAuth, Google OpenId Connect, ...) to a messenger platform such as Telegram. Would love to see it on other messengers like WhatsApp as well :)
Wow, thats super cool. Is this an official Telegram service?
@smalzner No, it's built with Telegram's bot platform and it's not affiliated with the offiicial Telegram service in any way. It's not a hack, but build with official platform features and can theoretically be build on top of every messaging platform which provides a way to send messages to users programmatically. Anyway, I would love to see it integrated in the official Telegram app :)
As someone who is passionate about passwords, or should I say removing them from registration, I am happy to see more products built around user login #NoNewPasswords
Messengers seem to be the next thing. They are becoming platforms like social networks did in the last decade. Using a messenger to login is the first step of a deeper integration between apps and messengers. Which sources do you recommend to stay in the loop about all things messengers?
@luca Unfortunately there are not that many sources dedicated to the messengers space. We keep ourselves updated on TechCrunch [1], subreddits for Telegram [2] & WhatsApp [3] and the Telegram News Channel [4]. There is also a new community all about messengers topics called: MessengersBox [5]. We also try to cover as much as possible on our Blog [6], which is dedicated to messengers news. I would love to see more dedicated channels, though. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]