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Are you a creator or you just want to buy something cool and made especially for you? Teespring is the right place! Get anything and know that the profit goes to the creator or to a charity of their choice.

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They are a solid company with a lot of potential to help folks monetize the online audience they have built with no risk.
I love Teespring (http://teespring.com/product-hunt). We sold 60 shirts, meeting our goal last week. Definitely going to do another.
@rrhoover Could you update me on this, Ryan? Your shirt shows last available 3 yrs ago. Have you done anymore with Teespring? What would your latest review be? Please and thanks. :-)

This site has been the bane of indie artists and fan parody artists for years. They don't show sellers' info on the campaigns, so taking legal action is complicated. They are slow to remove stolen items and never ban the thieves from using their service or block ISPs which are known to be used for recurrent intellectual property theft. The only ones who get tough crack-downs are those who are stealing trademarks and copyrighted materials which belong to big corporations.

I have an account on their site purely to have faster access to communications in order to have my stolen images removed. It's better to get yourself a real shop on Threadless, Zazzle and other such sites rather than use the "campaign" style ones. They aren't seen as crowdfunding sites. They are seen as havens for thieves to anonymously sell in.


Few to none


It's full of people who steal other people's designs. Many complaints of poor print quality and goods not delivered/received.

Love what Teespring is doing. cc @jaltma
Teespring is full of products that infringe on trademarks and copyrights, and yet they often pull original content and offer no reason as to why it was pulled. They refuse to answer email requests for information and have no other way of contacting them outside of social media. If they don't reply to content creators, I suspect they don't reply to customer questions either. I would avoid them at all costs.