Teeny Tokyo

A surprisingly-powerful bulk image resizing app

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 21, 2015
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Hey all. I hope you like what I've created! I'm an indie app developer who loves building small yet significant (and uber useful) apps. I'm looking at creating a list of v1.1 features and continuing to improve it! Thanks so much! Oh, and BTW... I'll be LIVE here as well! Put it on the calendar! ~~~~~> http://www.producthunt.com/live/...
@saddington Hey, John. Besides image rotation, how does this differ from PhotoBulk?
@natewinn the sweet Godzilla-looking guy, clearly...! That app looks great, btw.
@saddington Fantastic little app! Great work.
@iamunr Thanks paul! that means a lot to me!
Dmn, that was fast. :) The hunt I mean. But the app as well. Hope for additional actions, like sharpening, or greyscaling, in a future update.
@t55 Yeah, I'm just putting the list for v1.1 together, would LOVE your thoughts and suggestions!
@saddington Thoughts: how does Teeny compare to dedicated high-quality image-size reducers like JPEGmini and ImageOptim? And suggestions: adding an additional actions menu where one can apply effects like sharpening, greyscaling or filters. And a Share menu extension so one can add a bunch of mailed photos via Teeny to a dedicated folder.
@t55 I suppose the first answer is simple: It's a new entry into this field. ImageOptim is great, btw... a huge fan. I think, over time, as the app gains some traction, I'd like to continue to build it out and support it based on community's feedback and suggestions. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure where it'll head but it's something that I want to be more of a collaborative effort instead of just me coming up with new and "cool" features. I want to make sure it's always simple and always easy to use.
Ah sweet would be great to see this for Android or PC....
@davidiwanow Cool. I'll take a look at that!
@saddington any reason why, at the bottom of the Teeny Tokyo page, it shows a map of NYC? 😜
@andrewdixonso Oh gawd... because i'm an idiot, that's why... *sheepishly reviews google's API map code...* And... replaces with static image. :P
Thank you, John, for it. So happy to see indie apps with taste. :-)