Telling the stories of inspiring women in tech

My daughter was playing with her friends.
They were role-playing jobs.
My daughter's turn:
"I want be a coder" she said.
Her friends said that NO girls can't do that.
The next day I started TechTwoX to tell the stories of women in tech.
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Thanks for submitting Chris. Hi Everyone, I hope you like my website telling the stories of inspirational women in tech. I've learnt a lot from all the amazing women I've interviewed over the last year. I've posted one interview a day for the past 90 days. Thanks for to all the interview subjects for giving up their valuable time. Some highlights: "Life is not always fair. How you handle such situations is what matters." "I fell in love with the feeling that I got when my team and I gave the prosthetic hand to a child." And many more... Tanya P.s If you are or know an inspirational women in tech/STEM please email me to set up an interview
Beautiful site that tells the stories of women in tech. Reminiscent of @helena's Pussy Project and Techies Project. Great for breaking down the stigma against the lack of women in coding and technical roles!
@helena @chrismessina Thanks for the support
Great inspiring interviews
@matthew_gordon Thanks for the review
Thank you @tanya_kurkova for doing this! Great idea, inspiring stories and a lovely founder behind it! Best of luck 😍
Valuable website showing the journey of women of all walks of life.