TechCrunch 3.0

The mobile app, completely redesigned from the ground up ✨

TechCrunch 3.0 sports a modernized interface that is fast and fun to interact with, and has conveniences like offline sync, Crunchbase data profiles, a personalized feed, and topic-specific push notifications.

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15 Reviews3.3/5
Thanks for the comments so far folks, don't hesitate to let me know if you have suggestions or feedback, will pass it along.
Nice looking app. I liked the simplicity of the old one. Open > scan latest posts > read What was the thinking behind mimicking the website in the app?
@jbpdempsey That's still possible. The personalized feed is a separate tab!
@jbpdempsey Thanks! We weren't trying to mimic the website in the app. We were actually trying to strip out all the stuff from the website that we didn't need in the app, while highlighting some of the things we can do with the app that we can't with the site, such as personalized news alerts and articles saved for offline reading. Our hope is that it is still easy and fast for you to browse stories and if you aren't interested in saving stories or personalizing your feed, you can safely ignore those tabs. There has been some feedback since we released this asking for a simplified reader version of the feed without images so that headlines can be scanned more quickly. That is something we'll definitely consider for future releases, but we started with this presentation of the feed because it offers a nice amount of texture to guide your eye through it and the majority of people do prefer to have imagery.
Finally material design, what took so long to implement?

Very great app


Great app


no cons

I always use the web version. May be I should try the app now!