The Tech Ladies job board was re-designed from the ground up with a focus on diversity + inclusion. Candidates can easily find jobs that are "WFH-Friendly", "Early Stage," or have "Unicorn Potential," and companies can hire from our community of 50,000 women who work in engineering, product, design, and more!

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Loving the new fresh design, filters, and that job seekers have the ability to apply right from the job board. Kudos to the entire team!


Fresh design, advanced filters, and killer jobs



Thank you so much, Kate!

I'm not even a job searching lady and I LOVE this job board. I keep up with the postings so that I can share them with my network of friends who are searching. Love that there are plenty of remote positions listed and this job board is the first place I recommend when people ask where they should post their new job opportunities to get diverse candidates. Well done!


clean design, easy to search, diverse job opportunities


not enough people know about it!

Thank you, Val!
Nice refresh, @allisonveronica and team! Love the "unicorn potential" tag. πŸ˜‚ How do you determine which companies/job opportunities get that tag? I imagine they all want it.
@rrhoover Hi Ryan! For "Unicorn Potential" we look for companies that have a really ambitious mission, great traction and/or are working in exciting emerging tech. :)
@allisonveronica i have a question - can i post a job for interns? want to support young talents
Congrats Allison! The design looks simple and I can't wait to see the gifs :) Will browsing the job board be free for job-seeking tech ladies?
@nishsticks Hi Nisha! So glad you like it. Yes the job board will always be 100% free for members of our community to browse/apply! People can join the community at