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Rating of the best technology companies and startups

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TechFights is a rating of the best technology companies and startups. Today we have near 30 companies with lots of interesting information, like: Main Program Languages, Interview Difficulty, Employees Rating, Average Salary and People Reviews. Each company has a certain number of points which are calculated according to the values of certain data (maxinmum - 100, minimum - 1). I remember the day when I came up with this idea, I had a big smile (I think many familiar with this feeling), but I didn't know how it should looks until I found for what I want to say "Thank you!". Based on the experience of many companies, I realized that without a community project grows very slowly and can't show it full potential so I decided to make this project like a "heart" of big ecosystem where the main idea is to "Help people to find a great job". As a result I am very happy to be here and share with you my plans and dreams!
This offers a nice comparison of the biggest startups/tech companies in order to help people work out where they might like to work. From the About page: "Tech Fights is ranking of the best and well-known technology companies and startups that are located all over the world (most of them in Silicon Valley). We "index" companies and assign a certain number of points to them (more points better company). As a result you can find your "best place to work" and compare the large number of parameters such as the average salary, the opinion of employees, adequacy of management and many more."
As with other tools like this, I'd take it with a pinch of salt
@bentossell I agree - would be interesting to hear more about where the data's from.
@riaface yeah what happens when one disgruntled employee just gets fired and starts blasting bad reviews etc about their emoployer
@bentossell @riaface Good question, and probably one of the most important! All data are taken from different sources where people trying to filter "disgruntled employees". I don't think that there are so source that can give 100% true info or review about company only if the company itself will not cooperate with me, but we all know that it's impossible. Also I am trying to filter the data that find, first of all it is important for me to give 99,9% true information.
design looks inspired by @levelsio 's NomadList.
Very interesting :-) Gives a good insight into working at some of the biggest co's in the world, but your strapline "Rating what it's like to work at the biggest startups" seems a bit off considering most the companies listed are not startups at all but multi-billion dollar corporations.
@kirksfletcher Thank you! Moderators help me to fix it.