Teaser Music

Discover 10 new songs in 5 minutes🎵🎧

Enhance your music experience with Teaser Music, the incredible music app that allows you to discover new songs by listening to teasers of those songs. Find good songs without spending much time browsing track-lists!

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What was the inspiration for building this app?
@jacqvon Thanks for the question😊 Actually, the idea of the app came from the personal need of finding new music without wasting much time surfing through tones of playlists. Hence, within the app we created a playlist with the newest releases of the week which is usually being updated several times a day. And it includes not only the mainstream tracks but also the ones that are not so popular on Youtube or Spotify but still deserve attention. We follow hundreds of artists and as soon as they upload a new song, we make sure that it appears in the app and our users are updated with the freshest music releases. For example, yesterday Eminem uploaded his new song with Joyner Lucas and after 15 minutes it was already in our app😁 And we hate annoying ads that pop up every now and then so the user can discover songs without being disturbed by them. Would you have any more questions, I would be more than happy to answer them😊
Great discoveries in 5 minutes already. Love it. Your 'Remove Ads' button is not working on Android btw.
@ainu88 Thank you very much for giving it a try😊 Yeap,haven't worked on that part yet. Needs to be fixed though. Thanks for reminding. Appreciate👍😇
Im a huge music fan so ive wanted to check out the app. Whats your USP compared to Spotifys personal Playlist (Discover weekly & Release Radar?) Good luck! :)
@jensger Hi Jens. Thanks for the question:) Well, those are great playlists specially made for you but in order to find your favorites you have to listen to full tracks first. And it lets you change the track only few times per session I guess, if you are not a premium user. We, on the other hand, offer only previews of the songs, where you can just listen to dozens of song previews in less than 10 minutes. So visiting the app only for few minutes a day, you can stay updated with the latest songs of the day. 😊
@xashotx Hey Ashot, thanks for your reply! Ah okay, ive got used to Spotify Premium to much i guess :D And on the other hand.. the "Release Radar" Playlist only get updated once per week. Your Idea sounds nice, ill give it a try and see if it works out for me :) Have a great day!
@jensger Haha😁 Thanks, Jens. For example, Ciara's Dose was released today and it's already in the app, haha.