Teamwork Chat

Empowering your team to communicate freely.

Teamwork Chat is an instant messaging platform that frees your team to communicate in the moment to get real-time answers and make faster progress.

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We tried Slack, but we're cheap, so we tried Ryver (free alternative). Ryver sucked in many ways. We'd been using TeamWork projects for a while, so when they released a beta Chat program, we tried it out. Then Ryver became a paid service, and it was obvious TWChat was the replacement.

Now our business basically functions around TW Chat and Projects.

The browser app is amazing. It does notifications, drag-and-drop file uploads, even copy/paste of screenshots right into the chat box. They have native apps, but you really don't need them. The browser app is that good.

Their customer service team is also super friendly, knows the product inside and out, and response time is better than average.


FREE!!!, Fast, Great mobile app, integrates with TeamWork, browser-app does everything desktop apps do


Mobile app could handle spotty cell service better (but it's still great!)

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Eric, Thanks for the amazing feedback 😃 It's great to hear that you're loving the products and that the support team here at are delighting you! Gráinne
Simple the best project management tool around. Easy and built with enough platform integration to make it a great portal for what I do. The biggest asset is the tech service, folks are very helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly responsive. Worth the investment of $$$ and time to get to know the platform.
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@carl_batt we're delighted to hear you're impressed with the software suite. Teamwork Chat's integration with Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Projects is definitely a major bonus! Thanks a million for the positive feedback and for your praise of our customer support team 😄

We're a team of 15+ and have been using Teamwork Chat for well over a year now (having switched from using Slack). Overall we are very happy with it and love the fact it stores our entire chat history.


- stores unlimited chat history

- native iOS and Android apps work really well

- free!

- can add task directly into Teamwork Projects


- doesn't have nearly as much integration with other tools as Slack does

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Will, It's really great to hear that Teamwork Chat is helping your team collaborate and keep track of important information. Thanks a million for taking the time to share your feedback 😃 Gráinne

Great product and very easy to use and to educate others on using. Simple and sweet. Very clean and has some great features that enhance the projects module like channels for a specific project.


Very simple and integrates nicely with projects. Replaces text at work and seperates work conversations from personal chats.


None that I have found so far.

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Robert, Cheers for the great feedback! Gráinne

A great tool from communication and cuts down massively on email


Simple and intuitive with great search options


Haven't come across problems

Victoria, Thanks for taking the time to share your positive feedback on here 😃 Gráinne