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The Teamstory app is a great app. Im a big fan
Hey guys, I am the co-founder of Teamstory ( We’re building a picture based platform for startups and entrepreneurs to share the BTS and moments of their startup journey. We’re doing this because there seems to be a disconnect between all startups globally. We have a special offer for the product hunters before we go public with invitation system. For the next 7 days (before we release our next update), all product hunters will get instant access to our app here: So far, we’re doing a silent run with 100 users and having some great content creation and support. Would love for you to join us! It’s very minimal and still in beta but we have bunch of stuff we’re pushing out in the next few weeks. If you love the startup culture, documenting your journey, showcasing your team’s moments, this is a great platform to show other startups and discover each other. If you’re an Android user, we’re busting our asses to launch on Android by the summer so be sure to sign up for beta list here: We will be on all mobile devices and web soon. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!
Thanks for the early peak, @dh9kim! This app has similarities to PeopleThatMake. I like the idea: encouraging startups to be more transparent and personable. Buffer is a great model for this. Where did the idea come from originally?
Thanks Ryan! Yes, there are couple of startups trying to do this. But we're keen on focusing on mobile first and then go to web (we've got a kickass dev team - release the first version on iOS in 2 months) It came from our own pain points actually. We've been working in the startup scene for about 4-5 years now and always wondered what other startups were up to - were they going through the same thing with us? how's their culture? who's behind the product etc. From seeing what type of startup communities were out there - they were always focusing on Q&A, Advising, and fund-raising, we wanted to focus on the behind-the-scenes and what/who really makes that startup exciting. We're exploring bunch of ideas and areas so we can make this scalable as well.