Teams as a Service platform to build & hire freelance teams

Teamstack is a Team As a Service platform for Freelancers, Startups, and Digital Agencies, who can build, promote and hire digital teams globally.
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Hi, I'm Samar, the Founder of Teamstack. It has been over a year since we opened registration for all freelancers, digital agencies, and Startups to receive beta invites. Since then, we've received hundreds of invites requests and selected limited users who we think could represent our goal & mission to help us create a New Freelance Economy. Now, we wanted to share with you what we've built so far. We hope the platform will benefit you in growing your professional network and support you in scaling your services by collaborating or hiring other freelance teams on the platform. We would be thrilled to know what you think of our first beta release. We will be here to answer your questions.
Hello hunters, we are thrilled to be featured today. I will be around to answer any questions. Cheers
HEy @samar_ux not sure if this is bug or not, but when i try to create my team its says something like team limit reached, and I just joined. See screenshot
@stefan_smiljkovic Apologies and thank you pointing this out. I have passed it to my team to look at. Hopefully will resolve soon. Sorry for late reply, I was flying to Canada in eight hour flight and just got connected.
@samar_ux its ok buddy, its not even late response :+1:
@samar_ux @stefan_smiljkovic Thank you for letting us know. We're sorry for trouble. We have fixed this issue.
Hi @samar_ux looks interesting. Just so I understand, it's a platform to find & build freelance teams, but it doesn't connect you with potential clients searching for freelancers/teams, correct? Also in Step 3 of your Resource Platform content block, "establised" should be "established." 😊 Going to sign up, thanks for sharing!
@krisryanwhite Good question, there will be clients who can be connected with other teams based on the projects they post. We are not using a word ‘client’ specifically as everyone (freelancer and companies) can build teams. There is no difference if team is a client team or a freelance team. Platform will connect teams and projects. Hope it makes sense. :) Thank you for signing up! Ah and for spotting the typo..!
Great job @samar_ux What are your advantages?
@eulerr Thank you. Here are some advantages: 1- It is free for all including companies who build their teams 2- Platform provides peer validation by voting so specialist/team earn reputation points. These reputation points will unlock various paid features for free. 3- We believe in open and fair collaboration with the freelancers, startups and digital agencies, who want to extend their digital service offering outside their professional experience. That help everyone to borrow and share their team resources through the platform - faster. 4- On-demand hiring for companies. it will be an end-to-end freelance management tool to find, build, and hire community most verified teams / team members and manage the payment. (payment coming soon in final version). 5- Our future features includes predictive (automatic) matching of individuals to form teams and connect with the work opportunities. 6- Free project briefs posting that matches the team members of any team 7- Secure priviate messaging between team members 8- Help local teams/studios to become part of the global teams through open partnernship 9- ....etc etc. I suppose it covers some advantages.🙌 Btw 6nomads looks great and hope we bring some synergies in the future collaboration to help shape up the growing freelance economy.