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#3 Product of the DayJuly 02, 2018

Teampage is the first SaaS team page solution in the world 🌍!

Why? Team pages are everywhere, but always created as an afterthought and last on the priority list 👎

What a wasted opportunity given your customers, business partners, employees and potential hires are actually looking 👀

Impress them with your team, with Teampage.

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  • Anfernee Chansamooth
    Anfernee ChansamoothContent Strategist | Writer | Podcaster

    Makes it easy to set up a team page


    $20/month pricing

    As others have commented, don't really see a need for me to pay an ongoing subscription fee for a static page on my site.

    Kudos to you guys for testing the idea and getting market validation.

    I feel with your skillset you could offer this as a freebie tool to get people into your funnel, and then upsell to some related product or service that addresses a more pressing need for businesses.

    Good luck!

    Anfernee Chansamooth has never used this product.
  • Build.Amsterdam

    Easy to setup


    No free plan

    A simple way to maintain our About page. Employees can edit their details. Looking forward to more features to make it more interactive.

    Build.Amsterdam has used this product for one month.


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Biraj Ghosh
Biraj Ghosh@biraj · Making beautiful products
At first I felt this could be a nice little app for building team pages..why not...but then... $20/month is kinda scary for a team page because of few reasons: 1. thousands of extremely beautiful templates are available even for free 2. If team page is really important for a company then shouldn't they use a custom design that matches their company site instead of a different template that you will be offering? 3. $5 bucks on fiverr and you have a custom made team page for life time 4. If I understand the value of team page would I depend on a third party to host it instead hosting it myself? 5. Why not ask the in-house developer to spend an hour to built it ? 6. Linked in is extremely valuable in this market but it's free for most uses so if a team page should cost $20/month how much Linked should be worth per month? and vise versa These are some genuine questions people may have.
Yvo Schaap
Yvo SchaapMaker@yvoschaap · CTO by day, hacker by night
@biraj Thanks for your comment! I appreciate your pov. Your 1-4 all relate to how to it looks, but the value is that you get a dedicated service with advanced features in the backend, think of: multiple account access (ceo, hr, etc.), import and sync employees, GDPR controls, photo handling (upload, crop, filters), advanced flagging/notifications, etc.. Also I want this to evolve into much more deeper content for each employee (opt-in obviously) to increase the value of the team page. You would get all that for the 20/month. Your point #5 is answered on my homepage in the FAQ ;) Re: #6 what does LI offer as a replacement in your opinion?
Biraj Ghosh
Biraj Ghosh@biraj · Making beautiful products
@yvoschaap for #6 I'm not saying it's being a replacement, I was talking in terms of value it provides, used LI as an example cause it's in the same industry. If you are going to build upon it then that makes sense! may be some sort of simple employee management & on-boarding + the current team page functionality then the price is also justified 👍 Would love to see it evolve :)
Aleksey Korzun
Aleksey Korzun@alekseykorzun · Managing Partner at REGRUPPE
@biraj @yvoschaap What kind of controls do you have for GDPR that you are using that as a selling point? Bizzare.
Yvo Schaap
Yvo SchaapMaker@yvoschaap · CTO by day, hacker by night
Hello Product Hunt, Is it possible to create a SaaS in a niche where there is no business yet? I hope so. And with Teampage, I'm giving it a try... Teampage makes creating and maintaining a `Meet the team` page effortless. Check out our team as example: Early feedback was harsh: "Here's a sad thought, unfortunately: You're offering a CMS for the least dynamic content." - @hosted_metrics (Indiehackers) "it looks exactly the same as every other team page." - @yannschaub (Twitter) But this is just the start! E.g. the current design matches existing team pages so it's easy to switch. The magic ✨ is locked in the dashboard that offers advanced team features (available to your non-technical co-workers). Preview yours here: #cc @eastdakota Sweet: ✅ Super fast and simple to create and publish a team page. ✅ Slack team import. ✅ Display grouped by team. ✅ Headshot (via webcam) creator. ✅ Multiple access accounts. Upcoming: ✅ GDPR compliant (yes, you need to get permission from your employees to publish their photos) ✅ Detailed skills and background information. ✅ Search and filter. ✅ Multiple designed themes. The only thing now we need is early users! So if you are interested in where we'll take this, sign-up, and sent your feedback. Register here for a 3-month free trial:
Dayal@dayaldave · UI Designer and Front-End Developer.
@yvoschaap Could you please tell, what pain point OR problem you're trying to solve with your amazing product/idea ?!
Dan Dan
Dan Dan@tostartafire · Web Dev.
Everything is a damn subscription nowadays. $20 a month for something that will remain static most of the year? I think most small business will pass because of pricing and most large business already have their own developers or work with a firm. Maybe medium size business can see some value in this, but a Team page rarely brings conversion to justify this pricing. Also, the website doesn't provide one single example of a team page built with this service. Update: Found this link in the footer ->
Batsirai@batsirai · Product Manager, The Overflow
$20/m!!! for something that doesn't do anything better than any WP Plugin or theme.. or just a couple hours of web dev and design. Sorry - I think some research is required here... pain point? Shared Hosting for your target customers costs less than a team page... better off creating a web CMS for saas companies... do a teampage, features, pricing, blog, etc... then charge $20+/m
Yvo Schaap
Yvo SchaapMaker@yvoschaap · CTO by day, hacker by night
@batsirai the price point is not intended to compete with a WP plugin or theme. The frontend might be similar, but the backend is where the value is for users.
Hugo Villain
Hugo Villain@hypervillain · Product, Poetry
I tend to agree with other comments. Unless you provide a specific functionality to my current team page, I would not bother trying out TeamPage, unfortunately 😞 Throwing ideas here: * Allow users to ask questions to team mates and forward them by email * Display automatically their online presence (last tweets, pics, Medium posts...) - this is what we're building for ourselves in my current company * Provide harder to build widgets and Launchaco-like sections I'm also building something that you could find useful, DM me on Twitter if you want to chat!
Yvo Schaap
Yvo SchaapMaker@yvoschaap · CTO by day, hacker by night
@hypervillain Yes, all your ideas are great. My feature list is also endless. This is a v1 to get some customers and find out what is important for them and the market to focus on (what kind of companies would find this valuable already). I'll get in touch with Twitter!