Save your data with group messaging

What is the big draw using this over just creating a Facebook group/Whatsapp group?
@bentossell let say if you are in a group chat with at least 5 people, then you got busy and left it for a day or two. You'll end up with hundreds of messages and it'll become really hard to figure out who's talking about what. Therefore, we organized conversations around each piece of multimedia (collage, voice message, video,etc), and we tag people in these conversations so they'd be able to comment. It's a different approach to group communication than what everyone is used to
@nawarnory I seeeeee Guess my current solution is just ignoring whatever was said before haha
@bentossell I hear you, I've been in your shoes before and I wanted to end that issue! It actually hurt my relationship with people, they thought I was ignoring them :)
@nawarnory yeah I got a bit of OCD and try to message everyone back everywhere. it can be exhausting
@bentossell Lol! I totally understand, I am OCD myself, but our third co-founder.... he takes that to a unprecedented level :)
The founders, Nawar and Ammar, created the app based on their personal experience as refugees. They found a need to send updates to groups of personal friends and family, while at times using very limited data. Taza is their take on the solution, a new group messaging app that provides users with an outlet to share social content with their closest contacts.
@mottipeer Thanks Motti! Appreciate the love :)
I like the concept, and I really believe that the value proposition is not saving data. I would position it more as a Family photo album or something along that line, with a deeper emotional connect. In my family we share daily a lot of photos, though it is very rare that we share such of it on FB. My sister (SF/ USA) would send photos of what she cooked, or if they did anything fun that day while my mother (Delhi/ India) would share about the updates here and how are garden looking here. So I do see the use case. Also, even when we go out together (family/ friends), the photos may be taken on someone else's phone, and then it has to be transferred/ shared with all.