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Tayst is focused on transitioning homes & offices from traditional plastic Keurig kcups into Tayst's 100% compostable cups. Simple changes have great impact.

Every compostable pod you purchase from Tayst helps to reduce the plastic waste that pollutes out planet!

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @love4absinthe, This is a great idea! What has been the most interesting and the most difficult part in getting this product to market?
Craig Handleman
Craig HandlemanMaker@love4absinthe · Founder at Tayst, touch base anytime!
@jacqvon Hey Jacquenline... thanks for touching base. Greg and I really wanted to do something that made a difference... so when we first started Tayst Coffee, we looked at trying to fix a problem. Single serve coffee, with Keurig machines, wasn't going away... so we wanted to build a brand around an eco friendly pod. We tried tons of different blends before we finally selected the ones we wanted to build the brand around. Finding the right pod was the next step and we found a great partner that had a similar eco mindset as we did. It was a marriage! And a brand was born.
Otto Offringa
Otto Offringa@otto_offringa · Co-founder Clues2Cure
Great idea, should be the norm
Craig Handleman
Craig HandlemanMaker@love4absinthe · Founder at Tayst, touch base anytime!
@otto_offringa Otto... we agree. Small changes can make a huge impact. Our coffee is as fresh as you can get, the pods are eco friendly and the prices are generally the same... and we deliver to your door... we'd like Tayst Coffee to be the norm :) Hope you give us a try
jeff@jeffmaile · BatterBake
1 - I think this a great idea. I don't have or use Keurigs because of the pod problem. 2 - How long does it take your pods to breakdown in a compost pile? How long does it take if they're thrown in the trash and end up in a landfill? (I didn't have sound on for the video so if you answer those questions there, I didn't hear them.)
Craig Handleman
Craig HandlemanMaker@love4absinthe · Founder at Tayst, touch base anytime!
@jeffmaile Hey Jeff... yeah Keurig did take a hit because of all the plastic waste... but since Keurig's patent on the pod ran out a few years back, it allowed others into the market place.... and we jump in to try to fix some of the issues we saw in the single serve market. Generally the coffee was weak and crappy... and running the hot water through the plastic pod gave a bad taste. We're hoping those that do want the convenience of the Keurig switch to either Tayst or a compostable pod like us. Our pods have been certified by BPI to completely decompose in 41 days in a commercial testing facility. For home composting, depending on the conditions it can take 60-75 days to break down. For that make it into landfills... we're just happy that it's not plastic sitting there for the next 10,000 years, but organic materials. If you'd ever like to try some Tayst, we do have some programs that give you a sampling of of coffees. Thanks again.. be well.
Claude Sutterlin
Claude Sutterlin@claudesutterlin · Owner, Coffee Bean Studios LLC
Really awesome product. My office goes through a sickening amount of pods but is also very concerned with "going green" so there's absolutely a market there. Is that a picture of the actual shipping materials? My concern is with the mesh bottom that the coffee would get more exposure to the air than necessary... but in the picture it looks like foil bags that hold maybe a handful of pods, which kind of hurts your message a bit. Some insight into that would be cool. Also, I didn't catch it in the video but you're calling yourself coffee roasters but seem to be more focused on the environmental issues of the pods. Are you roasting yourself or purchasing a nice blend from somewhere?
Craig Handleman
Craig HandlemanMaker@love4absinthe · Founder at Tayst, touch base anytime!
@claudesutterlin Hey Claude... Thanks for reaching out. You got it right... offices are for sure the biggest culprit of waste with the Keurig plastic pods. The foil bags that our pods come in are now 100% compostable as well. It was a big change we recently made to our product. Also, for our office customers... we send a set of our Tayst coffee Jars to store and display the pods near your coffee station. The jars also hold in the freshness. Unlike traditional plastic pods, when you open the foil bag or jar each morning, you get the awesome aroma of fresh ground coffee. We'd love to send your office a sample box of Tayst for you and your office to try... we find the best way to get offices hooked on Tayst Coffee is to send some samples. If you're interested, Email me at craig@tayst.com. Regarding our blends... they're ours exclusively. Greg and I cupped hundreds of blends before choosing the ones we were proud to put our names on. We bring the beans up from South American farmers and have a partner that helps with our roasting for now. Touch base anytime.