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@rachelportell tell us about this :) @jacqvon since you're such a wine buff these days... maybe you'll like this
@bentossell Hello, Ben! Taylored Wines is focused on connecting boutique wineries (think artisan and independent producers) with wine connoisseurs across the country. You won't find these wines on store shelves because the brands don't enter the tree-tier distribution system for a multitude of reasons. Currently, our marketplace is only accessible by licensed restaurant and retailer buyers but we will be opening the marketplace to *all in the next month or so! That means consumers will have better access to hidden gems across the country. Let me know if I missed anything, cheers!
Oh a 100% interested in this @bentossell !! Please tell me more @rachelportell Where are the wineries you work with located?
@jacqvon glad to hear it! We currently work with wineries from the Willamette Valley, Napa, Sonoma and Santa Barbara. We plan on expanding to wine regions across the country in 2016. Any favorites?
Hey guys, I was going to add you to my wine club directory at http://www.wineclubs.net/best-wi..., but it looks like your website is down. Figured you would want to know.