Tattoo Hero

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Interesting community and web app for finding your next tattoo and the right artist to make it come to life.
Is there some kind of ranking algorithm?
Looks pretty good. I have used google image search in the past to find a good tattoo design but a vertical search service like this can do the job much better assuming they get a broad collection of high quality designs.
Awesome team as well!
Hey @gozmike thanks for posting! @TO right now we have a very unsophisticated ranking system to help keep the best artists and images up top and during search to surface more relevant information for you. We're working on something a lot better of course. @davdin Thanks, we specifically reach out and sign up the best artists around the world but do allow any artist to sign up - it's lead to some really amazing images and designs. We're also building SaaS tools that support shop owners and tattoo artists to help run their businesses. They are launching in a month.