Temporary tattoos for everyone

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This is not a new company, but I figured with Halloween around the corner it was worth mentioning. Tina Roth Eisenberg's company creates fun temporary tattoos for people of all ages. The tattoos are super simple to put on and their designs are crowdsourced. It's kind of like the Threadless for tattoos.
@alirtariq I was just thinking the same thing. I think I'll put this on my neck before visiting the family this Christmas:
@rrhoover @alirtariq it adds a certain air of sophistication, doesn't it? But why stop there? Make a necklace out of foxes and eggplants!
@rrhoover @alirtariq That would actually be awesome, because foxes are the best.
We need Product Hunt tattoos! http://tattly.com/pages/custom
@danlev great idea! They'd be cool swag to hand out during hackathons, meetups, etc.
They do subscriptions that'll mean you get a small gift bag of temporary tattoos (usually themed) every month. It makes for a fantastic, fun present for someone.
I like real tattoos more, but that's just me ;-)
@pjrvs haha but now you can have a tattoo of a pineapple on your face and not regret it (for too long) !
@alirtariq I have a tattoo of a turnip on my arm and I don't regret that ;)
Obsessed with Tattly. The products, the design, the company image. They do a good job over there. SwissMiss is also my business hero.