Listen to your news stories, narrated by humans

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I like the idea, but I like it better in an Alexa skill. Idea: a lot of the Alexa skill speakers are whiny or robotic. Why not look at creating an Alexa skill that replaces the voices of news feeds?
@nassaraf totally! My friend @ianmendiola created a mobile app called Umano, a curated feed of professionally read articles. Alexa, Google Home, Airpods, and other audio-based interfaces are perfect for something like this. It makes me wonder if Umano was too early. πŸ€”
@rrhoover πŸ™€! 3 years ago! Yes, @ianmendiola wastoo early, but he's clearly able to spot trends, so I'd follow him.
Hi, @nassaraf thanks for the kind works. We are working on the alexa skill and should have it ready very soon. @rrhoover yes, we know of umano and we loved what they did. We all think they were kinda early too. Especially when big players like FB trying to get into audio content. Audio is making a great comeback.
@nassaraf My cousin is dyslexic and thrives on Amazon Echo for many daily tasks. He was the first to suggest that we add Alexa skill functionality, and we've been running with it since. It will be out soon and we're very excited. Let us know if you'd like to test it.
@rrhoover @nassaraf @ianmendiola I don't think Umano was too early because they got acquired by Dropbox... which shut it down (with no reason). Any idea why? I would have speculated that they're going to come out with a Dropbox branded service, but it's been over a year since it shut down... Or maybe the idea was right, but the assumption (that people would pay for the audio version of online content - even though it's professionally read) was wrong.
This is cool. Where do you source your news and your readers?
@kevinnewmanyo We hand pick our news and most of our readers / listeners are organic (through twitter, fb and organic sharing)
@kevinnewmanyo We also cater to the requests of educational institution partners who use Tattle to assist in course teachings. A more streamlined request mechanism is coming soon.
Brilliant product! We need this so badly..
@espreedevora Thanks Espree! Hope you enjoy the app. And we're huge fans of the WeAreLaTech community:)
Are you releasing these stories as a podcast as well? I've played in this space (narration/reading-replacement) and podcasting is an absolutely priceless user-acquisition source / feedback channel.
@msitver we believe strongly in the podcast distribution model, but remember that is only one form of audio file distribution. Tattle is a platform for tattles :) tattles are human-narrated news stories, in which the object is an audio form of an otherwise print-only article.