The anti-check mark task manager πŸš«βœ…

Taskforce doesn't use a check mark to mark a task done. Taskforce uses a 2 step process to ensure you finish a task. 1) Force touch a task you finished. 2) Hold down button to complete a task. TA-DA! Now you accomplished something today!

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Hi all you product hunters! Long time member first time maker here. I am Daniel and I created Taskforce. This is my first app I made for the iPhone. The goal of this app was to see how I can make tasks complete without a check mark. Any feedback is much appreciated. I look forward to answering any questions.
sorry friend, i don't understand the need of this product. what is the problem with check marks?
@moshe_keva check marks are over rated πŸ˜‹
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out