Taskade 1.0

Simple & sharable task list, notes, todo app for busy teams.

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 17, 2017

Taskade is the simplest way to make task lists, capture your ideas, and stay organized. Instantly share your task lists and collaborate with your friends, family, and teammates on the same page. Create tasks, notes, to-do lists easily.

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Hi everyone! We're super excited to launch Taskade here on PH. I hope you find it fun and useful for organizing your ideas, goals, and daily tasks. We set out to create a natural and frictionless experience for making to-do lists without the unnecessary clutter, and this is our first iteration. Let us know what you think, we’re here to answer questions all day. Thanks ^_^ PS: Here are some ways we use Taskade Weekly Tasks: https://www.taskade.com/v/Hyfp7Z... Project Roadmap: https://www.taskade.com/v/SJGvDk... Recipe: https://www.taskade.com/v/r1Mqzs...
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@johnxie @mentions seem to be turned into links, but they don't work. Plans for them?
@stoweboyd Great catch and yes! We have plans to support @mentions and #hashtags in the near future for users that sign up and want to collaborate together. Right URLs are automatically linkified as you type.
Considering task list apps have been bloated, slow, and paywalled since the 2000s, this meme is appropriate:

Just started using, really like the simplicity and the look

Hope it won't be overloaded with features (except for critical ones, like moving tasks between lists)


Simplicity, elegance


Can't move tasks between lists