TarDisk Pear

Easily add 256GB of storage to your MacBook.

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That gif of the hard drive space increasing really shows it -- a creative use of the SD card slot to increase your mac's apparent storage size. Plus, the aesthetic matches Apple's sleekness, so it doesn't look like a big ugly thing sticking out of your computer. 👍
Pear by TarDisk is like nothing you have seen before. With one click, you can pair your memory with ours. Pear™ increases the size of your Macintosh HD. Just a little bit of magic so you never run out of space again. More info below…
Hey guys, my name is Pierce and I am founder & CEO of TarDisk. This past spring, we launched TarDisk with a super successful KickStarter campaign -- we were even featured on PH! Today I am excited to announce the launching of TarDisk Pear. Pear provides the first plug-and-play implementation of a hybrid drive which combines a specially built TarDisk and your internal solid state drive to provide a single managed logical volume on your MacBook. This produces a Macintosh HD volume which is now twice as big. For example, A MacBook Pro with a 256GB SSD from apple, now has a 512GB Macintosh HD! A base line 128GB MacBook Air can have its Macintosh HD doubled or even trippled in minuites for as little as $1/GB! As a life long tinker, it gives me the warm and fuzzies to announce; If you have a MacBook Air or Pro and it is full, you can upgrade it now :) To celebrate today's launch, we have FREE upgrades to Pear enabled TarDisks, exclusively for members of the PH community! (a discount code will popup when you click over to our website!) Let us know what you think!
@molecularsand As a MacBook Air user, this sounds fantastic! I am (probably unnecessarily) concerned however by the idea of combining two separate physical stores into one logical volume. Is this all handled natively by OSX, and what happens when either of them fails or is removed?
@siburb, these are very relevant question to ask -- thanks! Yes, combinding any two pieces of hardware compounds your chance of failure and yes, this is managed in OSX. If you are backing up your data (and we reccomend everyone with or without a tardisk to back up their data!) with timemachine the restoration process if ever necessary is simple. Pear'ed machines, are (so far have been) pretty robust. If you accidentally remove your Pear'ed TarDisk while your system is running (-- dont do that again!) your computer will continue running until the system trys to access something that is stored on the TarDisk hardware. At this point the os will slow down and lockup. To get things back to normal, re-insert your Pear'ed TarDisk and after a re-start your computer goes back to normal. But again -- please dont do that! Excellent question though -- we will add this to our FAQ.