Easily add 256GB of storage to your MacBook (pre-order)

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Here's some similar concepts : - http://eu.minidrive.bynifty.com/ - http://fr.transcend-info.com/App... - http://www.hypershop.com/HyperDr... It looks great but I am afraid of reliability and speeds.
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@snapeuh I've got the Nifty MiniDrive myself and have to say, it has been awesome. Placed my Dropbox + OS X photo library on a 64GB MicroSD card, leaving me with all that space on my MacBook's 120GB SSD. As for reliability: if you're syncing stuff that's in the cloud anyway, you won't have any problems if the MicroSD dies. Would definitely recommend it.
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@fabiovirgi_ Thanks for sharing your experience Fabio ;)
I love that the design seamlessly fits with the design of the MacBook (Air). Plus, you cannot deny that they picked a great geeky name. :) The website is lacking a bit in info. You can read more on the page of their successful Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/proj...
Great idea but looking at the speeds: - 95 MB/sec Sequential Read. - 70 MB/sec Sequential Write. It feels like super slow numbers to me - It's like 3x slower than your internal SSD. Overall it's a good and slick solution though for those who under-estimated their storage setup at the Apple checkout :D
@orliesaurus That looks to be about the same as other products in this space – it's not as fast as your SSD, but faster than external spinning hard drives.
@adrianthomas yes spinning, but this is not spinning. Also you can get external ssd drives for 150usd. I understand the genius of the product is that it blends perfectly with the laptop - I'm just noting that the speed is very 2009ish (and i'm sure there's nothing that can be done about it)
$400 for 256GB? Hmmmmm... Pricey.
@chrismessina I think it could be a typo. If 64gb and 128gb are priced $64 and $128 respectively, then 256gb should be $256.
@chrismessina @virjog Not a typo. I worked with these guys on their KS. The 256 is just that much more expensive for them to make. They are redicuously faster than other competitors like the Nifty Mini drive though as I own both. I lobbied hard core for a $256 drive and they were only able to do that as an early bird offer to avoid eating cost.
@chrismessina @virjog @itsthisjustin We are working on getting this price down as it's killing us, it's happening but slowly. We're committed to getting these to backers, and on the market asap (in the next 30days) & our 256GB chip costs where exceptionally high. When we started this project a year ago no one could get 256GB on an SD compatible flash chip at half the length. The problem was a controller/connector problem, the nano connectors that route the data to the NAND stacks where shorting out. We actually convinced a new connector company to give it a shot, putting 256GB on a reduced chip (2mm longer than our current chip) with the nano connectors available at the time (1 year ago) we experienced an 80% failure during production rate, this simply wasn't economic. We worked with/did our best to persuade this controller company to invest in building a new smaller nano connector. It's not cheap to have custom flash built especially high capacity (256GB) with redesigned, faster controllers and connectors. It's also hard to convince a flash company to build anything like this at quantities under 10,000 - 50,000. Currently there are only two manufacturers that we know of using these new nano connectors. Flash storage is taking off as this technology gets implemented by more controller companies our prices will come down, substantially.
This is the first of many times we'll be confused given that the new MacBook is just called the MacBook. Given that it just came out and I was debating between 256 and 512, I thought this was the perfect product for me, but alas it doesn't work with the new MacBook (http://www.apple.com/macbook/)
@pitdesi yes it is sad that the MacBook 12" only has a single USB-C connector, but the 2015 Retina 13/15 and Air 13" will continue to have SD ports going forward (at least for the time being). getting a mac with an SD port will allow for adding things like TarDisk and Option booting different OS from it, store library file, backups, run a VM off, or use as a scratch disk for FCP X edits (we actually used a 256GB TarDisk to edit our kickstarter video after the usb external drive un hooked and lacked portability.) The new MacBook looks cool but I don't know that I would want it as my primary laptop? Lets see what accessories come out :)