An elegant AR utility to measure your space with your iPhone

TapMeasure is a spatial utility that combines computer vision and AR, creating a whole new way to capture and measure your space. You can capture instant point-to-point measurements, quickly level artwork and other framed items, and create a complete 3D model of a room with features like doors, windows and artwork.

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22 Reviews5.0/5

This is absolutely amazing. The number for times I'm hunting around for a tape measure and now I don't need to as it's on my phone. An no more fumbling with paper/pencil or even my phone to remember measurements. I'm in heaven.


No mor hunting for a tape measure all the time. There's an app for that!



Seems to work super well. Another great product from the team over at Occipital.
@tweetle14 Thanks KC! Much appreciated.

I‘ve tried a bunch of measurement apps without much luck. This one has steady tracking, seems super accurate, and it‘s going to make remodeling my kitchen a heck of a lot easier! Thanks for finally nailing the digital tape measure!


It actually works!


Could use more help text?

I never have a tape measure when I'm shopping and I love that if I have my phone then I'm good to go. Plus the option to have a floor plan is amazing.


Ability to measure on the go, as well as making sure pictures are straight.


None really

Very cool. Will be using this regularly. Nice work Adam, Jeff and team!
@3amjosh Thank you Josh - please let us know what feedback you have after you've used TapMeasure!