An elegant AR utility to measure your space with your iPhone

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 20, 2017

TapMeasure is a spatial utility that combines computer vision and AR, creating a whole new way to capture and measure your space. You can capture instant point-to-point measurements, quickly level artwork and other framed items, and create a complete 3D model of a room with features like doors, windows and artwork.

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  • Manu KumarFounder & Chief Firestarter

    No mor hunting for a tape measure all the time. There's an app for that!



    This is absolutely amazing. The number for times I'm hunting around for a tape measure and now I don't need to as it's on my phone. An no more fumbling with paper/pencil or even my phone to remember measurements. I'm in heaven.

    Manu Kumar has used this product for one day.
  • Julie Matheneymarketer, moonlight designer, DIYer

    It actually works!


    Could use more help text?

    I‘ve tried a bunch of measurement apps without much luck. This one has steady tracking, seems super accurate, and it‘s going to make remodeling my kitchen a heck of a lot easier! Thanks for finally nailing the digital tape measure!

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KC Beard@tweetle14
Seems to work super well. Another great product from the team over at Occipital.
Alex SchiffMaker@alexschiff · Product Manager, Occipital
@tweetle14 Thanks KC! Much appreciated.
3amJosh@3amjosh · US Retail Account Manager at Insta360
Very cool. Will be using this regularly. Nice work Adam, Jeff and team!
Adam RodnitzkyHunter@adam_rodnitzky · Marketing @ Occipital
@3amjosh Thank you Josh - please let us know what feedback you have after you've used TapMeasure!
Jesse Litton@nottil · BluCar
I've used TapMeasure and it works great! I mapped my living room and was able to share the room shell with friends and export to SketchUp for further editing.
Adam RodnitzkyHunter@adam_rodnitzky · Marketing @ Occipital
@nottil Thanks Jesse! The SketchUp export is pretty cool, huh?
Jesse Litton@nottil · BluCar
@adam_rodnitzky Yeah probably the most useful feature! Especially find it useful to see how objects may fit in my room.
Sid Viswanathan@sidviswanathan · Co-Founder, New Startup
Nice work Jeff and team! Looks pretty useful to never have to buy measuring tape again.
Adam RodnitzkyHunter@adam_rodnitzky · Marketing @ Occipital
@sidviswanathan Thanks! You can also throw out your level and laser distance meter too ;)
tadwook@tadwook · partner, laan labs
know this is kinda a competing product, but these guys do amazing work ; ) - really impressive (hopefully we'll collaborate on something someday)
Adam RodnitzkyHunter@adam_rodnitzky · Marketing @ Occipital
@tadwook Thanks for the kind words - and, of course, we're impressed with what you've done as well. Congrats on a spectacular launch!
Jeff PowersMaker@jrpowers · Co-Founder & CEO of Occipital
@tadwook +10, much mutual respect. Awesome work with AirMeasure and things prior.