Taplytics' State of PM Report on Customer Feedback

160 PMs share how they use Customer Feedback to ship product

160 PMs from in B2B and B2C companies participated in this study. We learned a ton on what's the current state of product managers leveraging their customer feedback loop to build delightful customer experiences. Want to know more? Download the report here πŸ‘‰ https://tap.tc/2IuyJ30

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We worked really hard to get reach out to get the feedback from 160 PMs and learned a few things about how they use customer feedback as part of their product management practice. Maybe you will too!
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Definitely download it if you're a PM


Really good lessons learned & shared



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Will there be more reports like this that aren't just on customer feedback?
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@jahmad93 Yes that's the plan! There's been a lot of great feedback and excitement from the PM community on this. We're thinking of expanding the series to research other top of mind PM issues & branch out to do a series for marketers as well. Stay tuned!
Thanks for this!
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@caleb_delbegio Thanks for reading Caleb, we're glad you enjoyed it! :)
nice work Taplytics team! There's a lot of interesting info and some great charts in the report. This is useful for PMs and even more valuable for companies that *sell to* PMs. I wish everyone trying to sell me products/services would read this and come up with a more tailored pitch.
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@jacobhartog Wow thank you Jacob - we try really hard to create meaningful content that not only involves, but gives back to the product community. We're looking forward to creating more and sharing with everyone!
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