Taplytics on How To Build a Customer-Led Product Team

A product manager’s guide to building a customer-led team.

Is your product team the voice of your customers? In our new book, we explore just that!

  • Pros: 

    a solid resource on how to wrap your head around customer-led product teams.


    Reading it sooner would have been helpful to me earlier in my career

    I had a chance to get a preview of this book and blown away at how thorough it is. I'd recommend it to any PM looking at different ways to organize their teams.

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  • ria
    riaBitmaker Labs

    Balanced and well researched book - can definitely be adapted to the marketing side of things as well.


    Would be cool if they have other file formats for the book other than PDF.

    Has a good amount of real industry examples from thought leaders in product management to make it easy to relate to. While I"m in marketing, there's definitely some stuff to be learned from marketers as well!

    ria has used this product for one week.
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Talia van Everdingen
Talia van EverdingenMaker@taliavane · Marketing @ Taplytics
Hey hunters! We’re excited to share this book with everyone. 🤓 Here at Taplytics, we often see that product teams prioritize one of two things: 1. Monetization & Business KPIs 📈 2. Customer Satisfaction 😻 But concentrating so much on one can limit a product’s potential. The key is to balance both priorities as a customer-led team. Aligning users' needs with business goals allows teams to build profitable, customer-oriented products. We’ve outlined what each of these 3 team types look like, along with mini case studies that dive into how companies made these common mistakes. What happened when Intercom was almost too accommodating for every user need? What makes Airbnb’s photography service a success? 🤔 Read to find out! There are also worksheet questions designed to help you understand what type of team you are, and how your team can become more customer-oriented to find that balance. Thanks for the support here today. I’d love to hear about ways that you and your team work to be customer-led in the comments here. Happy Reading! 📚
Jonathan Truong
Jonathan Truong@jonathan_truong
Solid resource, solid read! Well done!
Talia van Everdingen
Talia van EverdingenMaker@taliavane · Marketing @ Taplytics
Thanks for reading! 👋 @jonathan_truong
andrea lee
andrea lee@andrealee_03 · Digital Marketing
Wow this book is packed full with great value and analysis! I love how thorough the examples are, they really help paint a picture of each team type and the downfalls/ benefits of each. Customer-led teams for the win!
Talia van Everdingen
Talia van EverdingenMaker@taliavane · Marketing @ Taplytics
@andrealee_03 Thanks Andrea! I'm glad you enjoyed it 😃I agree, examples of relevant companies are the key to a well thought out analysis. It makes content more enjoyable and relatable as well.
Ruslan Nadjafov
Ruslan Nadjafov@ruslan_nadjafov
Hi Taplytics team. Thanks for writing this! Very interesting to see you guys publish this, when I thought you were all about A/B testing before?
Talia van Everdingen
Talia van EverdingenMaker@taliavane · Marketing @ Taplytics
@ruslan_nadjafov Hey Ruslan, thank you for reading! At Taplytics, we see experimentation as one small part of the creation of amazing customer experiences. We believe that the best experiences are the ones that are personalized, engaging and created with the customer’s best interest in mind. As such, we’ve recently been really keen on helping companies change the way they think about creating these products and experiences with customers at the top of mind (with the *help* of tools and features that are found in our suite of products) If you haven’t heard about our vision for the Taplytics Experience Cloud, you can read about it here - https://taplytics.com/blog/intro...
Bijan Vaez
Bijan Vaez@bijanv · CTO, EventMobi
Looks like a great resource! Looking forward to digging into this!
Talia van Everdingen
Talia van EverdingenMaker@taliavane · Marketing @ Taplytics
@bijanv Thanks Bijan! It's a goliath of a book for sure, but we really enjoyed unpacking the thinking behind customer-led teams for our readers!