Taplytics Launch Control

An intuitive, dead simple feature flagging platform

A more intuitive platform to setup and control feature flags to manage your releases.

Set audience segmentation and distribution, paste the code, and flip the switch!

Launch Control is one element of a full solution for creating wonderful,informed digital experiences with the Taplytics Experience Cloud.

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Hey Hunters! Really excited about this one. This was an interesting project, because our users have already been "Feature Flagging" and controlling their product launches for quite some time. But when we actually saw the process customers went through to achieve this, we realized that it was far too complicated. So we wanted to make this concept a standalone, dead simple approach to feature flagging. Controlling product and feature launches is now extremely fast and easy to use. So much so, that I've been using the feature for everything (even while it was in development)! In fact, this Taplytics Launch Control feature release you're seeing was actually controlled by Taplytics Launch Control. All I had to do was hit a switch to enable it for everyone this morning :) Its really been quite useful, as we're able to get our features in the hands of users much faster than previously. I can target clients that want to try new features we haven't fully released yet, and I can easily get features into the hands of QA no matter where they are. Its interesting to see how making something more simple has actually allowed us to reach more complex goals. I'm excited to see how our users make use of this!
There are so many benefits of using feature flags - Their ability to allow you to launch early to specific users and collect valuable feedback SAFELY is why they're such a popular tool. Taplytics' launch platform is really intuitive, sleek, and easy for anybody to use!
@will_lam Agreed! With so many things that can go wrong during an app launch or update, it is important to have an emergency shut off valve just in case. Any negative user feedback can hurt brands and that's hard to come back to.
@will_lam It's so true - we see it being done all the time by big names like Spotify, Instagram..I even noticed on LinkedIn the other day that they are testing new features and layouts! Having the ability to test functionality and interest without interrupting a user's experience is so valuable for brands.
Really excited about this! Controlled roll-outs are the easiest and safest way to launch new features - this way teams can see how users will *actually interact with them rather than just guessing.
Can't wait to see how it streamlines the process while increasing the confidence in experimental feature roll-outs!
Looks awesome! Providing product teams with the ability to simply set up launch controls will go a long way in helping them gather the insights they need to ensure they are producing the most optimal platform for their users.