Taplytics Feature Flags

Unlimited feature flags on web, mobile, OTT and server-side

Deliver cross-channel feature flags on any platform. Give your team the flexibility to deliver high visibility features and roll-out them out with any of our SDKs.
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1 Review5.0/5
Watched first hand seeing how customers were using Taplytics experiments as feature flags and setting a variation to 100%, which wasn't ideal but worked. Taplytics re-envisioned feature flags streamlines that process and makes it dead-simple for engineering and product teams to launch new features.
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Excited we're helping product and engineering teams ship great products and mitigate product risk with @taplytics feature flags!
Maker here! It was really fun working on Taplytics Feature Flags! Working alongside product teams, we learned that the scope of their work kept expanding along with the digital world around them. Our response was to handle their feature releases across the board in one central place, while giving the flexibility to deliver feature flags on every single device and any platform across our SDKs and simple API. How are we different? Two words. PRIVACY and SPEED. We’ve built in additional options for our Feature Flags without ever needing to store user data with Taplytics, with response times being consistently under 50ms. Our customers are already reaping the benefits, using it at an absolutely massive scale. I’m looking forward to expanding our feature set in the very near future! Reach out if you have any questions!
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