Taplytics is the #1 Intelligent Customer Experience Platform enabling brands to deliver compelling experiences that drive customer value and positive business impact.

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In 2018 the buyer is in control. Delivering an amazing experience for your buyer should be top of mind of all forward thinking CEOs. Love the approach by Taplytics. Having a platform for end-to-end control over the experience makes it easier for brands to test everything and get the data they need to make smarter decision. Bravo, Taplytics!
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@d_j_murphy Thanks, Dan! We love what you guys are doing at Drift as well! As solutions companies, we need to realize that our customers don’t live on just one platform, but across all channels. End-to-end customer experience and journey management is a must if you want to keep your customers happy! Amazing customer experiences builds brands and ultimately drives revenue. We hope to help forward-thinking brands solve this for them and make it easier for them to make their customers happy.
Hey Everyone! We started off building mobile applications and saw an interesting trend developing; the future front door of a business was not going to be a physical store, but a mobile app in the palm of their customers’ hands. From there, we strived to help companies build the best mobile experience for their customers. We now see customer experience as an omnichannel journey that Taplytics can help stitch together. Our initial core experimentation technology and culture inspired the formation of the Taplytics Experience Cloud, which helps marketers and brands build the best end-to-end customer experience possible.
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Really cool to see that Taplytics experimentation and analytics tools can now be used on the web. Love seeing startups evolve. I remember using the initial version when it was just a mobile A/B testing tool - More here: https://techcrunch.com/2017/12/2...
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@robjama Thanks for the support Robleh! We really want to push the boundaries of the way customer experiences are built beyond mobile. As customer journeys evolve our company must as well!
amazing work! love to see this product and positioning evolution. how is the taplytics team thinking internally about the shift from a/b testing to 'experience'?
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@smalter A/B testing or experimentation is just one building block of a delightful customer experience. There are so many journeys or paths that a customer can take as they first arrive at your website or mobile app, but one experience won’t fit every customer. With every journey comes multiple touch points like push notifications, landing pages, targeted messaging, and more. Each of those need to be tested until you can determine which variation users love the most. At Taplytics, we are making it easier for brands to build great customer experiences by allowing them to engage their users, test experiences, and build journeys users will love no matter what channel they live on.
This looks awesome! Congrats Taplytics team!
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@dcancel Thanks for the support DC! Love what you guys are doing at Drift and I think we are on a similar path to help brands build better customer experiences for the future :)