A/B testing for mobile, web & more

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 10, 2014

Find out what’s really engaging your users. Create code-based or code-free A/B tests for mobile apps (iOS & Android), push notifications, websites, and smart TV apps (tvOS, Android TV, Fire TV & Roku). Target experiments to specific user segments, and get real-time results—no app store updates required.

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Slick landing page. A few other players in this space: - Leanplumb (https://www.leanplum.com) - I saw a demo of their product ~9 mo ago. Very impressive, built by a small team of ex-Googlers / Techstars graduates. - Swrve (http://www.swrve.com) - they started off in A/B testing and analytics platform and have since expanded into in-app messaging, push notifications, and more. - Apptimize (http://apptimize.com) - Pathmapp (https://www.pathmapp.com) - PlayHaven/Kontagent (http://playhaven.com) - keep on eye on this one (disclosure: I'm transitioning out of my product role at PlayHaven)