Tap to get awesome, HD photos from your videos

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Hey ladies and gents! We’ve put a ton of hard work into Taplet and are super excited to hear your feedback and implement your suggestions. Taplet’s goal is to let you take cooler images more easily by utilizing the power of video. We all love to share photos, yet we still take pictures the same way folks did 2 centuries ago. Point, shoot, and repeat until you get the right shot. Taplet sparks a new way to capture life’s magic, and it stems from a tap. Just record or upload any of your videos- they can be iPhone, GoPro, Canon etc.- then watch the footage and simply tap anytime there’s an image you like. Taplet than pulls out the beautiful, HD photos and auto-renders them in the background securely and lightning fast. It’s built around simplicity so that you can use old videos you’ve shot from anywhere and actively record an experience first, knowing you can later pull out and share your favorite highlights. You don’t need to do much and the results are truly amazing. Can’t wait to hear from you all. Ask me anything and everything!
I work in social media for sports & entertainment clients and Taplet has been a super useful content creation tool when I need a visual on the fly but only have video. Helps save time and create better images to share right from my phone.
@ka23a Thanks Kristin! Really glad that you've been finding Taplet useful. :)
Clever idea! Could be neat to stitch photos from a particular video into a collage, a la Instagram's Layout, to create a still narrative. cc @bosfina
@bosfina @rrhoover Great idea! Something we've actually played around with quite a lot and the feedback was great... future update? hint hint :). Thanks!
@bosfina @rrhoover this is a great idea i think this would make it really fun to use, especially for those girls that love to stitch tons of photos together, but shoot like 100 photos to get the 10 they really love.
Probably not the early target/focus, but turns out it's really useful for parents! Getting two toddlers to pose for the perfect picture is near impossible... just take a video and pull out some good pics tho!
@tmetzner Thanks Tim! It's awesome to see Taplet helping parents capture memorable shots of their kids.
Love it! Let me know if you want to talk about the launch on my app entrepreneur podcast. DM me on twt @paul_s_kemp
@paul_s_kemp Thanks Paul! We'd love to chat about it. I shot you a message :)
@paul_s_kemp Awesome, thanks Paul! Myself or Andy will take you up on this!