TAP London

Tackling the homeless problem together

TAP London is a new organisation which employs individuals who are experiencing homelessness.

Purchase a £3 TAP art card through a safe contactless machine. Published weekly, TAP cards feature a piece of art which comments on that week's news. Your cash goes to supporting a living wage for the vendor who is facing homelessness.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Great to see technology being used to tackle a real issue. I love this concept, and the art cards themselves look great. I hope this organisation goes from strength to strength.
I´m sure it´s well-intenioned, but i find the tag line quite problematic. And they are turning people into "terminals" (no cash transfer, which you can read as: they can´t be trusted with money).
Very interested in this. Live and work in London and can see the issue first hand. It's definitely increased.
Really cool concept! Would lvoe to learn about how artists can get there work on the cards!

You guy's doing fantastic work i appreciate your hard work keep going bless you.




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