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Tap Bio

Control where you send your followers on Instagram


Tap Bio is a mini-website, in story form, that you make and manage on your phone, inside Instagram. With Tap Bio, anyone using Instagram to build their business--whether with a personal account or a business account--now has full control over where they’re pointing their followers, so that more become buyers, readers, subscribers, and supporters.

3 Reviews
Sean Power
Andrew Nystrom
Gregarious Narain
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  • Gregarious Narain
    Gregarious NarainCo-Founder @ Chute, Prior 1st at Klout

    Easy to integrate, flexible to use, fast to build


    More to come

    I've been building apps on Instagram for 6 years and the platform is super limited. Tap.bio gives users, in a very simple way, something they've long needed - the traditions of marketing for themselves - in a super elegant way.

    Gregarious Narain has used this product for one month.
  • David Ardan
    David ArdanDigital Strategy Consultant

    More features than you would ever need.


    It is a convoluted way to link to your content.

    I'm curious to see the marketing insights on which this app was built. How does an overwhelming amount of content help your follower traffic find what they are looking for? This feels like a mini-website rather than a dedicated and focused linking platform. Keen to see some case studies and analytics around follower bounce rates vs people actually clicking a link.

    David Ardan has used this product for one day.
  • Christoph Georg Kny
    Christoph Georg KnyDigital Nomad

    Looks nice


    Would need to try it ....

    How can I sign up?

    Christoph Georg Kny has never used this product.