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Control where you send your followers on Instagram

#5 Product of the DayApril 03, 2018

Tap Bio is a mini-website, in story form, that you make and manage on your phone, inside Instagram. With Tap Bio, anyone using Instagram to build their business--whether with a personal account or a business account--now has full control over where they’re pointing their followers, so that more become buyers, readers, subscribers, and supporters.

  • Gregarious Narain
    Gregarious NarainCo-Founder @ Chute, Prior 1st at Klout

    Easy to integrate, flexible to use, fast to build


    More to come

    I've been building apps on Instagram for 6 years and the platform is super limited. Tap.bio gives users, in a very simple way, something they've long needed - the traditions of marketing for themselves - in a super elegant way.

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  • David Ardan
    David ArdanDigital Strategy Consultant

    More features than you would ever need.


    It is a convoluted way to link to your content.

    I'm curious to see the marketing insights on which this app was built. How does an overwhelming amount of content help your follower traffic find what they are looking for? This feels like a mini-website rather than a dedicated and focused linking platform. Keen to see some case studies and analytics around follower bounce rates vs people actually clicking a link.

    David Ardan has used this product for one day.
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Jesse Engle
Jesse EngleMaker@engle · Entrepreneur, advisor, investor
Hey everyone, We made Tap Bio for entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and small businesses who are working the Instagram everyday to make a living and grow their business. We’re inspired by these people. One of us, Ryan, is married to one (@againstallgrain). Ryan created a product called Link in Profile in 2016 to help Danielle sell more cookbooks. It worked, so he turned it into a product as a side-project. When he accepted a gig at Apple that he couldn't refuse, he handed it off to Jesse, who's been running it since. Tap Bio is an evolution of Link in Profile (though we'll continue to run it as well) that grew out of our interacting with thousands of customers over the past few years. Now Ryan's back full-time and we're excited to see what happens. Big thanks to the team: Alizah, Christian, Jenna, Julie, Latasha, Noel, Sam, and Tim. You guys rock, and showed your true colors through the final push to launch. Thanks also to our advisors: Gabrielle Blair, Jared Erondu, Seth Goldstein, Aaron Gotwalt, Jeannine Harvey, and Andrew Nystrom. Your insights and support are golden. Happy to answer any questions you have. I'll be back after grabbing a few zzz's.
Adithya Shreshti
Adithya ShreshtiPro@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
@againstallgrain @engle Wow, this is a very cool idea. Looks like this also could work for Facebook Stories as well. For a moment I saw a way to customize my tap bio link, I am not able to find it now. How do I change my link?
Shaun Clark
Shaun Clark@saclark99 · Founder Eat Drink Stay Dubai
@againstallgrain @engle Really wanted to get in on this, but it looks like the curse of the 404 struck me (perhaps with the deluge of demand you guys are sure to get with such a cool idea). Tried messaging/Dm through Instagram as some of the links are crashing out on your community members (again, perhaps with all the folk trying to get in). Looking forward to trying out soon! Keep up the great work 💪
Ryan Madden Walker
Ryan Madden WalkerMaker@maddenwalker · Co-founder, Tap Bio
@againstallgrain @engle @saclark99 I'm so sorry that you are experiencing some sign up issues. Can you shoot me an email at ryan at tap.bio and we can get to the bottom of the issues you are seeing with links crashing and sign up? We are working actively to solve this 404 error.
Shaun Clark
Shaun Clark@saclark99 · Founder Eat Drink Stay Dubai
@againstallgrain @engle @maddenwalker Just wanna say these guys are super helpful when the gremlins bite, and thanks to their ace support, Tap.Bio really is as awesome as the trailer suggests. Cheers chaps!
About.me for Instagram, love it
Jesse Engle
Jesse EngleMaker@engle · Entrepreneur, advisor, investor
@ross Bingo. Thanks Ross!
Sarah Evans
Sarah Evans@prsarahevans · Digital correspondent and consultant
Can’t wait to try this out. Always in awe of all you creators and what you’re able to produce. Thank you!
Razvan Ilin
Razvan Ilin@razvanilin · Software Engineer, Co-founder @Chartbrew
Ah, technology going places again 😊 Can't wait to give this a try!
Niesha ✌️& ❤️
Niesha ✌️& ❤️@ni_e_sha · Publicist
Ah-Maz-ing! I am highly impressed. As a blogger who blogs several times a day, I’ve tried linktree and onuniverse but it has always been a two step process, first upload link to web app then post on Instagram, then tell people to click on a text link in a bio. This not only eliminates those extra steps, it gives visuals! Perfect for Instagram!!!!!! And worth paying (yes I checked the price) great layout and will make my life much much easier. I can’t wait to see the analytics from my posts and can’t wait to post craZy on instagram tomorrow. I already set up my tAP bio and it was super easy!