An open source farm management software.

Tania is a free and open source farm management software. You can deploy Tania on the server, Windows/Linux/MacOS computer, and small Linux embedded device such as Raspberry Pi. You can use Tania to track a crops batch from seeds to harvest.

Your feedback is matter for Tania development.
+1 for a clean and intuitive UI
Now, we provide executable binaries for Windows and Linux. You can use Tania without build it by yourself. Check it at https://usetania.org
The new version of Tania has been released. The 1.6 version, now, supports localization. We starts with three languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Hungarian. You can also contribute for the localization.
You don't need to build Tania from the source. Now, you can download the pre-compiled version of Tania v1.7 (the current stable version) for Windows and Linux. Download it at our website https://usetania.org