Tandem 2.0

Get fluent together. Practice languages, anytime, anywhere.

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If you're learning a new language, this app provides a great way to put into practice what you've learning using Duolingo, Rosetta Stone and the like.
Hi Product Hunt! This is Arnd from Tandem. We are building a free, global language learning community that empowers everyone, everywhere to speak like a native. There are a lot of excellent apps to learn the basics of a new language - vocabulary, basic grammar and listening comprehension. But to master a new language, you have to speak it! We want Tandem to be the fastest, cheapest and most engaging way way to become proficient in any language, by speaking with amazing people. Tandem is a members only app, and we value our community more than anything else. When learning a language online, its important to trust your language exchange partner to get the best results. We get that, and we’re working hard to ensure that there are no fake accounts, that our members are interested in cultural exchange, language learning, and are generally nice people. :) That’s why we ask new members to fill out a small questionnaire, use your real name and age, and upload a real picture before you get access to the Tandem community. It’s easier to start a chat or jump into a video call if you know who you’re talking to from the start! It might take a few hours to get accepted if everything is right with your profile. If you haven’t heard from us within 24h - let us know at support@tandem.net. To cut the queue, use this invite code, specially for Product Hunters: QY1PH
OMG you are awesome! After 30 minutes I talk with 4 people from 3 countries in 2 languages only with 1 app ;) Thanks a lot for it!
A noble effort. I'll test this with my sis in Spain. @sshilko @cycaha @leducbao @tobiasdickmeis @williamshuxley
Id love to see something like this focused not just on language learning but retention. You'd be amazed how well you can keep your learned language skills if you just talked to someone 5 minutes a day
@evankimbrell, thanks for your note - good point. We have designed Tandem to give members a high degree of freedom, so that people can reach pretty different goals using the Tandem method, e.g. learning from scratch, preparing for a semester abroad, brushing up old skills or practicing for an interview... At the moment we are working to provide more and more guidance (for example using game mechanics) to support some of the most common use cases. And retention is an important one.