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Hello Product Hunters! Andrey from Talllly here, we're so excited for your comments and feedback on Talllly. We started Talllly as an app for just our small team but quickly realized we were on to something. Counting the tasks you complete instead of battling a never-ending "todo" list is powerfully motivating. Mash that up with realtime progress updates and you have Talllly!
My gut reaction was I didn't like the spelling, but then I saw the logo and it completely won me over. Well done!
@gkoberger I had the same reaction. 😊
I love the focus on work that's been accomplished rather than focusing on what's still left to do. This addresses an interesting behavioral flaw in the design of most other similar products.
I really like how your tutorial implementation pans and zooms across the page.
@kicksopenminds thanks! We're always looking for interesting ways to show-off the app. https://disqus.com/websites/ takes the idea to a whole new level!
Awesome logo :D