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Nico Lumma — COO Next Media Accelerator
I like the idea a lot! Integrated it right away at :)
Vianney Lecroart — Founder of Talkus
@nico Really happy you like it. contact me if you need any help
peernohell — Founder of Talkus
@nico Hi, thanks to try talkus.

I see on your website, Talkus button is over a button you already have.

You can add a span like this: < span id="talkus-button-container”>< /span> where you want the Talkus button to be placed.
Nico Lumma — COO Next Media Accelerator
@peernohell yes, I know, I will get to that later :)
Andrei Soroker — Founder,
How does it compare to and ?
John Eberly — Founder, Chatlio, live chat for slack
@abs Hi Andrei. As the founder of Chatlio, I can say Chatlio has been doing this for awhile now, and we have worked out a lot of kinks that pop up with this type of integration. Also, we were the first official live-chat Slack app. We also pride ourselves on speed, uptime and reliability, which is key for this type of app. Also, features vary from service to service, so I suggest you try each of them out. Eg. Chatlio has multiple widget display options, standard bottom right, embedded, etc.
Andrei Soroker — Founder,
@jeberly Hi John - we have tried Chatlio in the past. It ended up breaking our site (because it was loading a different version of React), so we had to turn it off. This was a while back, I'm sure it's fixed now.

We ended up using Intercom's Acquire and Support packages—we pipe Intercom to Slack through our own Sameroom Attend feature (
John Eberly — Founder, Chatlio, live chat for slack
@abs Hi Andrei, yes I remember that. As React's popularity grew and there was no way to run in "noconflict" mode, we forked React so we now have no issues running on sites who also use React.
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