Discussion board for your team with mini video clips

#3 Product of the DayApril 03, 2019
Hi Hunters!
Today I'm launching Talkshow. It's sort of like a reddit forum for your team, but with mini video clips (max 1 minute) so you can see / hear your team mates more frequently :)
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Hi Hunters! Today I'm launching Talkshow. It's sort of like a reddit forum for your team, but with video clips. I believe remote work is the future, but there are definitely some challenges to overcome. I've spent the last 3 years working with teams distributed globally and communication was often a problem. Real time solutions didn't really work for us as everyone's schedule was so different, but at the same time I believe strongly that it's a positive thing to see your coworker's face and hear their voice regularly. So I built Talkshow as a solution to that. It works like a dicussion forum so you can have asynchronous conversations at your own pace, but you can also attach a video clip of yourself to any conversation / reply. My simple hypothesis is that teams who see and hear each other more frequently will have more fun working, have better communication and build stronger working relationships!
This is dope, have you connected with the Running Remote Conference? I think this is super helpful for remote teams. Stoked to explore.
@liammartin Consider inviting Yong to Running Remote. 😄 Plus seems like an interesting app to test with TimeDoctor. Innovative! Great work @yongfook
Interesting idea! I'm guessing some teams are already using Loom + Slack to achieve what Talkshow is offering, what would be the main value proposition of Talkshow against this kind of set-up ?
This reminds me of a product @ddebow and team worked on last year. What use cases are you imagining, @yongfook?
Just tried it out. Looks great! At first, I didn't understand how is it different from a slack channel but after trying it out, it does "humanise the interaction"
@samirmadhavan one of the biggest differences is that it's not a real-time chat app. Real-time works great for teams in similar locations, but in my experience when you're have teams in very different time zones plus people with variable schedules... real-time is not the best experience!
@samirmadhavan @yongfook yes, as a remote-worker, I am happy to see someone tackling the non-real-time problem. Excited to see this materialize.